Modular sofa, the mechanism of transformation «dolphin»
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The «Houston» model is specially created for the fans of modernity and Scandinavian style in the interior. A modular system with a large number of structural elements allows you to compose a sofa for any aims and overall dimensions. The well-designed construction of the sofa provides excellent consumer properties. It is such a pleasure to sit down on a seat, coming back home at the end of the day, and to be wrapped into the wraparound comfort of big back pillows, which will gently pick you up, and give you an opportunity to relax after a hard day.

The unfolding element of the model is equipped with the «Dolphin» rolling-out transformation mechanism. In an unfolded position is perfectly suitable for sleep, has a spacious flat mattress. It is a very reliable and simple mechanism, that is why it is very popular. Suitable for daily use. Almost all the modules, designed for sitting, are equipped with storage boxes in their basement. The corner section is equipped with a pillow-table, which easily turns round, extending the functional properties of the element. Several variants of armrests allow to create an unique sofa for each customer. Additionally you can order accessories: a stylish cover-table or a rolling-out coffee table, which is integrated into one of the types of armrest. For those, who does not like to spend a lot of time on the selection among infinite variants, this model is available in standard configurations, selected with reference to the  order statistics.
Dimensions (LxDxH, cm) folding elements:
Bed size: 147х150
removable table
withdrawable table

Dimensions (LxDxH, cm) not folding elements:
74х93х97 (single)
93х166х97 (double angular)
80х169х97 (ottoman)
93х93х97  (angular)
87х93х97 (chair)

mattress thickness: 14 cm 
mattress core: Multi Pocket system 
storage boxes (ottoman, corner and chair sections)
5 back cushions (chair - 1 back cushion) 

Extra options:
table for the armrest
removable table (inside the armrest design 2)
Table-MDF panel (on the corner element)
Version 1

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