Corner sofa bed, the mechanism of transformation «dolphin»
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Very compact corner sofa with ottoman. Thanks to soft volume cushions, a backrest is formed very convenient for planting and resting. The decorative edge gracefully emphasizes the smooth lines of the armrests, and gives a finished look to the product, framing the king.

The mattress of a sofa basically consists of independent springs, thanks to what the big, equal, and the main thing - convenient sleeping place turns out. The transformation mechanism "dolphin" is designed for daily use and is extremely easy to use.

What is very important for a corner sofa - the angle of the model is universal! You can rearrange the ottoman on the other side of the sofa by your own choice. The sofa has a capacious linen drawer in the ottoman!

The Vancouver model can be produced both in one fabric and in a combination of the two. Pillows can also be made in one or two tissues (three pillows in one fabric, two in another). For this model, an armchair is designed.
Dimensions (LxDxH, cm):
Bed size: 150х193

mattress thickness: 13 cm 
mattress core: Multi Pocket system 
storage box (ottoman)
Laminated MDF panels

Extra options:
3 cushions 70х50х20 см
Version 1
Version 2
Version of pillows 1

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