Couch, transformation mechanism «lit»
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«Jimmy» day bed is extremely popular among buyers of all ages. Despite of its small size, in an unfolded position, «Jimmy» can compete with any bed, because the length of a mattress is almost 2 meters! The day bed can be used daily, and as a guest variant, and as a full-fledged single bed. «Jimmy» is made on the basis of the “lit” mechanism of transformation – its unfolding armrests allow you to diversify dimensions, it significantly expands the range of use of the day bed. It is so comfortable to sit back on soft back cushions, being tired of funny games or sitting too long during classes and a thorough preparation for the lessons. A large storage box forms the basement of the sofa, where you can take the bedclothes quickly and easy.
Dimensions (LxDxH, cm):
Bed size: 88х205

mattress thickness: 10 cm 
mattress core: foam
storage box
2 back cushions

Version 3
Version 1

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